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Hard Gras 38 - Acht spitsen (04-032)

Hard Gras 38 - Acht spitsen (04-032)

Number: 04-032
Title: Hard Gras 38 - Acht spitsen
Author: Several (Jana Beranova, Simon Kuper, Per Holmer a.o.)
Language: Dutch (some translated)
Year: 2004
# Pages: 112 (6076)
Category: Sports
ISBN: 90-204-0413-X

With the words EK-special on the front cover and a big picture of Van Nistelrooy, the series is trying to lift on the popularity of the European Championships. Understandable, yet unnecessary. The series has success because of it's timelessness, because it does not follow the hype of the moment. Because it does not do interviews by journalists, but stories by authors.

Reading this volume this becomes even more evident. J. Rentes de Carvalho writes an article about Portugal and its economic depth, its culture, though the title suggests it is about Figo. Apart from parking in a space where Figo once parked, there is no link with the star player. Interesting story though. Jan Mulder writes about the similarities between the football player he once was and Ruud van Nistelrooy nowadays. Luigi Garlando tells the struggle of Christian Vieri to become the star he is nowadays, with the emotional visit of his grandfather to a match of his grandson. Pavel Srut compares football to poetry and uses Jan Koller to clarify this.

Not so much about football, therefore even more interesting than often. Shame about the marketing trick.

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