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Alain de Botton – De troost van de filosofie (04-035)

Alain de Botton – De troost van de filosofie (04-035)

Number: 04-035
Title: De troost van de filosofie (The consolations of philosophy)
Author: Alain de Botton
Language: Dutch (Orig.: English)
Year: 2000
# Pages: 304 (6598)
Category: Popular science
ISBN: 90-254-1962-3

Sometimes you lay your hands on a book that you wouldn’t normally pick. This is one of them. Several philosophers explained and adapted to modern life, seemed to be the idea. It was great fun as well, especially in the beginning reading about Socrates and Epicurus. Then at some point I found myself reading and not remembering what I had read the last pages. An omen. Not many consolations then. It dragged, which is a shame, because I quite like the idea. Not even an avid reader like me does the effort to read into the complete works of Nietsche or Schopenhauer. But I would like to know more about classic philosophers. I’m still not sure if the book was too big for one go, if it just became boring or if it is was my state of mind that set me back after reading the first hundred plus pages.

Anyway, worth a try for everybody who, like me, would love to be the arrogant bastard to end a discussion by quoting Socrates or solving problems by summarizing Epicurus theories. Or who is just curious about their ideas. Try it yourself.
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