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The more traveling I do, the more wise I become

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Perhaps the idea wasn’t as good as I thought. I saw it on someone else’s blog and it worked really well. The series ‘You asked for it’ seemed like fun to me. You give me an idea and I write. Challenging, funny, sometimes deep, sometimes nonsense.

The first episode was requested by joy_joy

The second request needed some searching and surfing, request by spiralstairs

Then finally I got a request by geordiecat76 which was a bit more complicated.

Then it stopped. No more requests. Nobody wanted me to write anything anymore. But because I still believe in the idea, I just bring it to your attention once more. Because you might have missed the above posts. Because you didn’t understand the idea. Because you didn’t have inspiration at the time. Perhaps I missed a comment (both LJ and Yahoo have been difficult lately) and you thought I ignored you. So here’s another chance for you.

(You asked for it, a series I started to give anyone the opportunity to tell me what to write. You want to tell me as well: leave a comment or mail me (email in user info). No requests waiting at the moment.)
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