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George Greenfield – Enid Blyton – pocket biographies (04-039)

George Greenfield – Enid Blyton – pocket biographies (04-039)

Number: 04-039
Title: Enid Blyton (pocket biographies)
Author: George Greenfield
Language: English
Year: 1998
# Pages: 105 (7256)
Category: Biography
ISBN: 0-7509-1633-8

When growing up Enid Blyton was one of my favourite authors. The famous five was undoubtedly the best series I knew, at age 9 at least. I had some other books by her as well, with her name handwritten on it, apparently such a strange script, that for years I believed that there was a Gnid Blyton as well. Not that it mattered much, I absorbed her books, even the ones obviously aimed at girls, like the Mallory towers series which my sister owned.

Mister Greenfield was an old friend of her, so he seems a fairly obvious choice to write her biography. I’m not too sure though. A bit of distance to me seems a necessity for writing a good biography. The other problem I’ve got with this book is that is short. Just over 100 pages is not much to tell about the life of an extraordinary woman who has written over 600 titles during her life.

Finally, and this is my own problem, I seem to like her less now, now I know a bit more about her. I had a similar problem after reading Stephen Fry’s autobiography and it is not nice. I want my heroes to stay that way and that just doesn’t work if you read stories about them that you don’t agree with.

So, basically, a disappointing adventure, though I have to admit that this is mostly my problem, not really because this is a bad book.
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