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You asked for it (5)

You asked for it (5)

Reality television (requested by brickhouse)

An interesting subject that has caused plenty of discussions and even arguments over the last years. Suddenly it seems that no television channel can do without reality show. Not a single night can one see television and avoid the reality shows.

It could be me though, and no, I am not trying to be different again, but in my humble opinion, reality tv doesn’t exist.

I admit. I’m not a fan of the genre, to put it mildly. Therefore I haven’t watched a lot either. But I don’t need to see plenty to form an opinion. Thing is: people change as soon as a camera is close to them. Talking from experience: I was 13 when my parents took me on a holiday to France. One of the things we did was watch a stage in the Tour de France. I took a flag from my favourite football team to wave at the camera with me. Who takes a flag with him on holiday? Nobody, just if you know there is a reason for it. I missed the first rider, but I saw on video later that I was on TV for a split second. 13 years later I worked on Menorca and did the opposite. One of my colleagues was being followed for a television programme on holiday reps and anytime the camera’s followed her, we ignored her. We just wanted to do our job properly. Again I was only visible on TV for a few seconds, though this time I just walked away from the camera. I had grown up.

I come from the country that invented Big Brother and I am not proud of it. Anybody in one of these shows, they’ve got them all around the world nowadays, behaves differently. Normal people don’t try to be more interesting than they are, they don’t complain to a complete stranger, let alone a ‘diary room’. They do not have sex when they know people are watching. Big Brother is one big fake.

The same is the case with semi-celebrities being followed in their every day life. The Osbournes were the first I believe and, at least over here, dozens have followed their example. Again the camera changes everything. They behave how they want to be seen, not how they are. Some even edit their own life afterwards, the communist propaganda machine ‘The Pravda’ (translation: the truth) was honest compared to shows like this.

Don’t get me started on shows like Temptation Island and all its variations. If you choose to participate in a show like that, you already know you want to break up with your partner but haven’t got the guts to do so. Hence you go to a place where a dozen singles and plenty of booze will make sure that you mess around enough to ensure the break up you wanted. Don’t deny it, that’s the only reason. If you need your love to be tested, it wasn’t love anyway.

The only reality tv that can be made resembles Jim Carrey in what was it again, the Truman show? When you don't know that you're being filmed, one can be real. But since that movie has been made already, there is no need for sequels. I hereby declare the genre passe.

Nope, I guess reality television is not something for me. I’m afraid I’m not part of the target audience.

(You asked for it, a series I started to give anyone the opportunity to tell me what to write. You want to tell me as well: leave a comment or mail me (email in user info). This was part 5, no requests waiting at the moment.)
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