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Peter Winnen – Van Santander naar Santander (04-041)

Peter Winnen – Van Santander naar Santander (04-041)

Number: 04-041
Title: Van Santander naar Santander
Author: Peter Winnen
Language: Dutch
Year: 2000
# Pages: 238 (7779)
Category: Sports (Cycling)
ISBN: 90-6005-609-4

Peter Winnen was a young and upcoming cyclist in the early eighties. Journalists soon found out that he was not your standard sportsman. This was a young man who actually knew how to produce a few sentences, even read books. Soon after that he also won the most famous mountain stage in the Tour de France. His life changed.

This book is a compilation of letters Winnen wrote throughout his career to Hans, a (imaginary?) friend. He turns out to be an incredible talent as an author as well. He is funny, laughing out loud funny sometimes even. He is a very good observer, he is honest.

At first I thought this book would be about a Vuelta, de Spanish major cycling event. It isn’t. It starts in Santander, 1978, where Winnen is still a young and promising amateur. In 1991 he ends his career in the same Spanish city, after he couldn’t finish a stage in the aforementioned Vuelta D’Espana.

Winnen tells about preparing before and after a race. Anything that isn’t on the doping list is allowed, therefore useful. The cycling world is full of traditions, Winnen likes some of them, ignores other completely. Winnen likes the world of cycling, but is not completely a part of it.

He is an author nowadays, writes columns, short stories and a regular guest on television as an expert on the subject. This book started this new career. It certainly deserves a translation, it is one of the best books on cycling I know and I have read dozens.

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