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Ian McEwan – Black dogs (04-043)

Ian McEwan – Black dogs (04-043)

Number: 04-043
Title: Black dogs
Author: Ian McEwan
Language: English
Year: 1992
# Pages: 176 (8211)
Category: Fiction
ISBN: 0-330-32959-6

We’ll start the book with the end. Our main character explains his fascination with the parents of his wife. He has lost his own, ever since has been looking for some sort of substitute. Writing the memoirs of your mother in law then seems logical. Next up a trip to Berlin, the day the Wall came down with your father in law. Brings back memories, hence a useful trip. Finally to France to find out more about what happened on their honeymoon.

It wasn’t a big book and could be read fast I was told. I didn’t manage. I don’t know why, though I do know that the book never really came alive. I tried, but kept finding my thoughts go everywhere, but stay with the story. Without giving away the plot, it seems to me that the anecdote that give the book it’s title, that is the foundation of the whole story, could have been told in a page and a bit. This should have been a short story, not a novel.
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