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Jim Davis – Garfield va a adelgazar (04-044)

Jim Davis – Garfield va a adelgazar (04-044)

Number: 04-044
Title: Garfield va a adelgazar
Author: Jim Davis
Language: Spanish (Orig.: American)
Year: 1997
# Pages: 64 (8275)
Category: Comics

The second day in Montevideo was hard. I had more or less done the sightseeing and was walking around town centre a lot. After the first two I avoided walking into bookshops. I had nearly a month travel to go and couldn’t take books from here, though I was tempted quite a few times. By the evening I failed. Most shops were closed already and I didn’t want to go back to the hotel just yet, nor did I want an early meal.

Luckily I managed to avoid the literature shelf where many GGM and Allende were begging me to buy them. I already had encountered this little book. Back to the old days, where often one of the first things I did was buying a Garfield in a new language.

So I had a nice evening back in the hotel, reading the familiar stories. This South American translation goes back to the early days, where Jon’s face is still a tiny bit longer. Garfield is going to lose weight would be the translation, I can’t be bothered to look at my shelf for the official English title.
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