The more traveling I do, the more wise I become (gerbie) wrote,
The more traveling I do, the more wise I become

Van Gogh

Second class this morning: "Sir, do you know why they killed Theo van Gogh?"

After a few seconds I answered the truth: "I didn't even know he was killed."

He was:

From then on, I tried to get some news during my work today (hardly possible) and after I got home. Exactly what I feared is happening. Mass hystery again. 'attack on freedom of speech' and more big words from people in influencial positions. Worse: journalists asking 'the man in the street' for their opinion.

The truth is that most of you hated him. You didn't give a damn when he spoke about what he thought of the world. Yet he always managed to provoke a reaction. Unfortunately for him, he did manage to do that once more. It wasn't the right reaction. Killing is never an option. Killing is never a solution. Killing is always wrong.

I adored Van Gogh for his interviews, nobody was as good as he was the last decade. He was also a great film director, made some great movies. He was an average columnist, who deliberately aimed at provoking. Combing these last two talents probably meant his end. The world is a lot poorer without him.

But please can we be spared the mass history, let alone all the racist abuse (the murderer has been caught and has dual nationality) and the cries for a tougher country will only make things worse.

I'm almost becoming a hippie, but I can only quote Lenny Kravitz here: We've got to let love rule.
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