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The more traveling I do, the more wise I become

De Muur 8 (04-054)

De Muur 8 (04-054)

Number: 04-054
Title: De Muur 8
Author: Several authors
Language: Dutch
Year: 2004
# Pages: 128 (10370)
Category: Sports (cycling)
ISBN: 90-204-0630-2

Stories about cycling, theme is Italy. So when I went to Italy last month, with one goal visiting the Giro de Lombardia, this book was an obvious choice. Several interesting stories in this volume. Marco Pinotti, a fairly unknown Italian cyclist tells Dutch journalist Gijs Zandbergen about his races, giving a rare insight in the narrow world that is cycling. Paul Feld analyses the most controversial Italian of late, Marco Pantani. Pictures by Giuseppe Palmas get comments by Bert Wagendorp. Two real cycle admirers together. Herman Laitem tells about a female cyclist who competed in the Giro of 1925 with men. Her life was never the same again after. And in a masterpiece female journalist Verhoofstad gets to know the person behind public hero Andrea Tafi. His wife wants to be there during the interview though. Is that significant?

With some good poetry, these stories make for worthy reading, the atmosphere of the old days is there all the time. Italy is a lovely country. Cycling is a great sport. Together they combine for a nice read.

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