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Esther Bremer & Anja de Crom – Pitty naar college (04-058)

Esther Bremer & Anja de Crom – Pitty naar college (04-058)

Number: 04-058
Title: Pitty naar college
Author: Esther Bremer & Anja de Crom
Language: Dutch
Year: 2003
# Pages: 189 (11352)
Category: Fiction
ISBN: 90-417-0489-2

This is a real pastiche. Written half a century after the original Pitty series, this book finally relates the tale of Pitty during her college days. I have read a lot of books by Enid Blyton as a child. At some point I also read the books for girls, my sister had them, including the Pitty series. Thirty plus years after Enid Blyton died, two Dutch women meet on the internet and start writing the follow up to the original series. Pitty has grown a few years, so the nice innocent girl from the old days has discovered that sex is important as well. Within a few weeks after her arrival at her new college she has broken the trust of her fiancée at home, falling for the charms of one of the senior students. Luckily over Christmas she found out that he has a boyfriend himself, so she can go on with her girlfriend. The funny thing about this story is that even though the weirdest things happen (in the eyes of the old fashioned fan I assume), the style of the original series has not been disregarded. It seems like a children’s book, it isn’t in reality. Great pastiche.
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