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Matt Seaton – The escape artist (05-002)

Matt Seaton – The escape artist (05-002)

As a cycling fan it sometimes surprises me that the most literate of all sports does not produce as much literature as some other sports. Weird is the fact that some of it comes from England, not exactly a country with a cycling tradition.

Seaton gets the virus gradually. He starts by just taking the bike to work. When he goes to a shop to get some repairs he falls in love with a race bike. At first he just rides scenic tours, after a while he joins a cycling club. He never gets beyond amateur level, but it is great to see how he describes the phases of getting addicted, his love for his bike and the ‘scene’ in the South of London.

Apart from cycling the book is also a sort of autobiography. How does cycling affect his family life? What happens when his wife can’t get pregnant and later becomes very ill? This is a very deep book, very honest, written with love. For his bike, for his wife. For his sport, for his children. Seaton has written a great book, with a simple story that still manages to drag you into his life. I can’t imagine him writing another book though. Perhaps he shouldn’t even try. Better write one classic, than to fade away.

Number: 05-002
Title: The escape artist
Author: Matt Seaton
Language: English
Year: 2002
# Pages: 186 (226)
Category: Sports (cycling)
ISBN: 1-84115-104-1
Tags: bookreviews 2005
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