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Mike Gayle – His ‘n’ hers (05-022)

Mike Gayle – His ‘n’ hers (05-022)

Gayle is a former agony aunt at Cosmopolitan. He is very good in his genre: telling a humorous story about thirtysomethings and their luxury problems. This is his fifth novel and he does nothing new. Yet when you’ve read two or more of his previous novels, you know what to expect. 2 train journeys and I was done with this book. This is not a disqualification, just a mere statement showing that reading Gayle is very easy, it is light literature and a lot of the second baby boom generation will recognize something in his books.

This story is the story of Jim and Alison. How they met, how it took ages before they got together, how they suddenly married, but also how it ended. A divorce that came unexpectedly and was painful for both.

Then the cat dies and they go to the vet together, having not seen each other for 3 years. They talk and go their own way again. Both are in new relations and theirs is in the past. Or is it?

Number: 05-022
Title: His ‘n’ hers
Author: Mike Gayle
Language: English (U.K.)
Year: 2004
# Pages: 352 (4008)
Category: Fiction
ISBN: 0-340-83216-9
Tags: bookreviews 2005
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