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Ed McBain – Kiss (05-031)

Ed McBain – Kiss (05-031)

The new 87th precinct novel it says on the cover. I started reading it in the week McBain died. There won’t be any new ones any more. But he has written heaps of books starring Steve Carella already, so I’m sure I’ll bump into a few in the future before I have read them all.

In this book someone wants to kill a lady. After two failed murder attempts, the police get very suspicious about her bodyguard. But who is behind the story?

As always McBain writes a great Whodunnit, with plenty of eye for detail and shows the human side of the cops as well. In this case, Carella, who also has to work during the time his father’s killer is on trial. The story lines mingle nicely and make it an interesting read.

Number: 05-031
Title: Kiss
Author: Ed McBain (Ps. By Evan Hunter)
Language: English (USA)
Year: 1992
# Pages: 372 (5810)
Category: Detective
ISBN: 0-380-71382-9
Tags: bookreviews 2005
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