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Redmond O’Hanlon – Tussen Orinoco en Amazone (05-035)

Redmond O’Hanlon – Tussen Orinoco en Amazone (05-035)

Travel literature while travelling can be nice, though it can also be bad for your own perception. Yet I knew enough about O’Hanlon that my visit wouldn’t even resemble his tracking off the Amazon, so I read it anyway.

Thinking back I have only read some short stories by him, even though I knew he is one of the greatest travel authors of all time. This book was a great introduction to his work.

O’Hanlon sets off for a four month journey to the heart of the Amazon jungle. In Venezuela he visits on old friend and hires a bunch of local staff to go and find a mountain hardly ever visited and visit a tribe of indigenous Indians, the Yanomami.

With his great sense of, very British, humour, one cannot help admiring O’Hanlon as the overweight eccentric that goes to places that not even hero locals want to go to.

It was a great book, sometimes laugh out loud funny, it prepared me well before going into the jungle myself. Two days was good enough for me, I certainly wouldn’t manage four months. Nor did Simon, his travel companion, by the way.

I will certainly continue reading his books.

Number: 05-035
Title: Tussen Orinoco en Amazon (Orig.: In trouble again)
Author: Redmond O’Hanlon
Language: Dutch (Orig.: English)
Year: 1988
# Pages: 409 (6896)
Category: Travel
ISBN: 90-417-0564-3
Tags: bookreviews 2005
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