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Iain Banks – Espedair street (05-037)

Iain Banks – Espedair street (05-037)

Daniel Weir used to be a famous rock star. Now he is only in his early thirties and knows he never has to work another day in his life. But what do you do if you’re financially successful; though don’t know how to live properly.

In between the daily events in his life, we get to find out how he became the man he is nowadays. From a shy boy who wrote songs to the biggest band in the history of rock. His past and his future can’t be seen as separate entities.

Banks is one of my favourite authors. Not every single book he writes is as good, but to me, that only shows he is human as well. He shows an incredible insight into the rock business, he seems to be able to write autobiographical stories for dozens of people. I enjoy his books a lot, need to complete my back catalogue. This one, though old, is certainly a recommender.

Number: 05-037
Title: Espedair street
Author: Iain Banks
Language: English (Scotland)
Year: 1987
# Pages: 249 (7519)
Category: Fiction
ISBN: 0-349-10214-7
Tags: bookreviews 2005
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