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Mario Vargas Llosa – De stad en de honden (05-038)

Mario Vargas Llosa – De stad en de honden (05-038)

His most translated book apparently, I can imagine why. Very interesting story, for someone who seems as pacifistic as Vargas Llosa, he is able to tell the story of a military school as if he has been to one himself.

A new group of recruits starts their school and become a tight group. Several of them stick together, in their battle against other cohorts. Two of them stand out. The Slave and the Poet have different roles. One day the Slave, not nicknamed like that for nothing, dies during an exercise. Everybody is convinced it was an accident, though his only friend, the Poet, disagrees. He tries to find out the truth.

The story gets told from the first-person perspective, though it is not always clear who that person is. This makes reading complicated, yet very interesting. The change of perspective is accompanied by a change in time and a change of place. All these changes keep the book interesting until the very last chapter, before that some gaps still need to be filled.

One of his masterpieces, Vargas Llosa certainly deserves more attention if it comes to naming Latin American authors.

Number: 05-038
Title: De stad en de honden (Orig.: La ciudad y los perros)
Author: Mario Vargas Llosa
Language: Dutch (Orig.: Peruvian Spanish)
Year: 1962
# Pages: 358 (7877)
Category: Literature
ISBN: 90-290-0654-4
Tags: bookreviews 2005
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