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Uderzo/Goscinny – Asterix nos jogos olimpicos (05-045)

Uderzo/Goscinny – Asterix nos jogos olimpicos (05-045)

After visiting Brasil this summer and managing to read a Garfield in Portuguese, I remembered I had an Asterix in that language as well. Now was the best time to read it, after all I have been exposed to the language for a month, I wouldn’t know if that situation ever appears again, certainly not soon.

So I decided to read another book from my extensive (26 languages and dialects) collection. Obviously I have read every single episode before, but reading it in a language I don’t speak is funny anyway. At points it was too difficult, but a comic is usually easy enough, even if one cannot read all the words.

Number: 05-045
Title: Asterix nos jogos olimipicos (Orig.: Asterix aux jeux
Author: Uderzo & Goscinny
Language: Portuguese (Orig.: French)
Year: 1994 (Orig.: 1968)
# Pages: 48 (8520)
Category: Comics
ISBN: 972-450-083-7
Tags: bookreviews 2005
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