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Peter Moore - No shitting in the toilet (01-072)

Subtitle: the travel guide for when you've really lost it. Peter Moore is an Aussie travel writer, whose first book I enjoyed very much. Upon leaving Oz in june, I splashed out once more on books, as I had a parcel to send anyway. His latest book was an obvious choice, I still have to read it. This one wasn't as logical, though in the end I remembered I was using my credit card anyway, so who cares? It is not a book of stories, as are his other ones. It is a guide for the experienced backpacker, who wants to have a laugh. I consider myself to be in both those categories, then again was a little disappointed when reading it. This is not a book that you should read in one go. It would be ideal toilet literature. Every time a chapter, just about enough, just the right dose.

The thing is, the book gets predictable, the jokes aren't funny after ten minutes. The best way to describe this one could be a cross of Murphy's law and a Lonely Planet. So if you want to read why guide books are always dated, why foreign food gives you the shits, why busses are always late (except when you arrive two minutes late yourself) and why nobody understands english anywhere around the world, including Australia that is, then this book will be to your liking. If you want to know the ten nightmare journeys the author has made, the ten challenging border posts or about the ten worst times to travel ( winter, spring, summer, autumn are the first four...) this will be your book. If you want to be assured that booking a package holiday is your thing, read it. If you are a real traveller, you could come up with the same book, just different examples in less than a weeks writing. Okay one more advice; how to avoid jet lag: avoid jets. Funny, eeuh?
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