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Liz Evans – Sick as a parrot (06-001)

Liz Evans – Sick as a parrot (06-001)

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Many years ago I was working on Menorca. As a book addict and enough spare time, I ran through piles of books easily. With only a few good bookshops on the island and limited amount of luggage when leaving I soon ran out of books to read. Luckily having to visit hotels on a near daily basis helped me find some books that were not too bad. I didn’t have to resort to Grisham and King, something I dreaded doing.

Not everything I found was good, but I did read over 50 books in one summer, so I must have enjoyed some books at least. One unexpected highlight was a detective by Liz Evans called Who killed Marilyn Monroe? The book was not about the sixties bimbo, but about a donkey with the same name. Original thought, good book. For years I couldn’t find other books by the same author, not even in British bookshops, even though I did search whenever I had the chance. Janet Evanovich somehow took up all the shelf space Evans should have gotten.

The last year Amazon decided to have a sale and I saw Evans again. So this is the second book I read by her. (Long introduction, I know. Sorry). In Sick as a Parrot, private detective Grace Smith is being hired to investigate a murder case from 20 years ago. Her client is the daughter of the woman, then girl, who was convicted for the murder.

Grace encounters some strange obstacles on the way to a solution. Dealing with these in her own, sometime humorous, other times stupid, way, she manages to find out more about the case than the police ever did. Her own life gets a bump doing the research as well though.

Good Whodunnit, a category I do not consider my favourite, though I like to read one once in awhile, just as an in-between book. After McBain, Hiaasen, Turell and MacDonald, Evans fits the category for me.

Number: 06-001
Title: Sick as a parrot
Author: Liz Evans
Language: English (U.K.)
Year: 2004
# Pages: 327
Category: Whodunnit
ISBN: 0-75286-531-5
Tags: bookreviews 2006

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