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Michael Moore – Idiot nation (06-003)

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I’m not sure if this one should count as a book. Actually it is an extract from a different one (Stupid White Men), but as it was published separately and I read it as well. I might as well.

Michael Moore lives in a country he himself describes as an Idiot Nation. Others think it is the greatest country on earth, again others find it the biggest threat to world peace. Probably all of them are right in some respect.

The first (of two) chapters in this book deals with ignorance. The state of education in the US, the fact that nobody seems to know some simple questions. Apparently students at great universities know more about Beavis and Butthead than about the civil war. I found it funny when Moore described him asking a columnist about the Illiad and Odyssey. That very same columnist blamed teachers and unions for students not knowing the answer, yet had to admit that he didn’t know either. I’m glad to see Moore is rooting for teachers. Being one myself, I know how management, politicians and opinion makers are quick to point a finger, yet more often than not are to blame themselves for the state of education. Something not exclusively related to the US, I can assure you. He then goes on to explain to students how to resist, how to organize themselves, tell them about student rights. Good to read.

The second story, The People’s Prayer, seems to be in here to fill the book. Easy column, imho, though obviously he does touch some strong points there.

Number: 06-003
Title: Idiot Nation
Author: Micahel Moore
Language: English (US)
Year: 2005
# Pages: 56 (543)
Category: Politics
ISBN: 0-141-02234-5
Tags: bookreviews 2006
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