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Ed McBain – Lightning (06-028)

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I like the 87th precinct books by Ed McBain. The policemen there all seem to have a life, all have their mistakes and are not like some superhero detectives who see clues in the tiniest of details and solve cases accordingly.

Lightning is the title of this book, where two different cases keep the men occupied for quite a while. One murderer kills his victims, and then hangs them on lampposts. All young girls, who seem to have one thing in common.

The second criminal that keeps them busy is a serial rapist. Not just some serial rapist, no, this one rapes the same women several times. Is there a pattern in this case?

Obviously, in this genre, the cases get solved, though not after several more victims meet one of these two freaks. Lightning never strikes twice. It does seem like it though…

Number: 06-028
Title: Lightning
Author: Ed McBain
Language: English (U.S.A.)
Year: 1984
# Pages: 312 (4635)
Category: Whodunnit
ISBN: 0-380-69974-5
Tags: bookreviews 2006
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