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Gary Larson - Wiener dog art (a far side collection) (01-078)

I have to admit that it took me a while, before I started reading the Far Side in the paper. At first I couldn't place Larson's ideas. After a while it clicked and I started appreciating his sense of humour. By now it has gone beyond appreciation. I think he is a brilliant artist with a great skill: observation. Since I started to take writing a bit more serious a couple of years ago, I know the strength of observation. Half of your work is done if you see certain things, if you dare to think different, if you don't take everything the way it seems at first. Larson is a master of this skill. He is able to tell a whole story by just one cartoon. No series needed, just one picture. Brilliant. This collection isn't special. It's just the same high level as fans are used to. And even though describing cartoons is never funny, I'll try anyway, just one, for the real fans. I'm sure you've seen it before. Little boy in a shop, shopkeeper sitting behind the cash, reading the paper. The shop seems to be empty, apart from two shelves, high up on the wall, at least four times the height of the boy. He looks up to the shelf and knows he will never be able to reach. The caption is brilliant in its simplicity: Inconvenience stores.

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