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The more traveling I do, the more wise I become

Gary Larson – The far side (06-035)

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I guess this was the first Far Side collection, the flat a5 version still. I’ve read quite a few of them by now and have enjoyed every single one of them. A fairly young Larson is visible on the back of the book. Over the years his cartoons have become legendary, read all around the world.

This first collection shows the beginning of the series. The typical humour starts developing. Not every single cartoon is great, which has happened in later books. But that’s why this book is even nicer. You can see an author develop his own style. Great book.

Number: 06-035
Title: The Far Side
Author: Gary Larson
Language: English (US)
Year: 1982
# Pages: 104 (5662)
Category: Humour
ISBN: 0-8362-1200-2
Tags: bookreviews 2006

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