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The more traveling I do, the more wise I become

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survey time again

1.How many close friends do you have? None

2.What time do you usually go to sleep? One hour after I should go to sleep

3.Are you a poisonous monkey? I am still trying to find out

4.Do you see yourself being married in the next five years? I can't even plan next month, let alone five years.

What happened to 5?

6.How many people do you think you will fall in love with in your lifetime? Not enough

And 7 is gone as well..

8.Give one word you would describe yourself as: me

9.If you were an animal what would you be? Rhino

10.What is the color that best describes you? white

11.What do you love about yourself? confidence

12.What do you despise of yourself? restlessness

13.Do you see yourself being a weak or dominant person? If anything then dominant

Third missing question

15.Have you told somebody you love them in the last seven days? No

16.Have you held hands with someone affectionately in the last week? No

17.Do you think that you will ever go through the procedure of divorce in your lifetime? Doubt it

18.How many times have you messed around with drugs? Depends on how you define messing. If at all, than once

19.How many times have you gotten in trouble with the law? None.

20.Can you name the first and last names of all the people you have kissed? No way

21.Do you give names to nonhuman objects. ex. car? What's the use

22.Do you believe in spirits? Only from bottles

23.Have you seen purple people? Not that I recall

24.Do you think you will ever see purple people? Would be fun

25.Do you see yourself as a follower or leader? It all depends, but I'd say I can be both.

27.Are you lying in any of the questions you just answered? Nope

26.If someone moderately attractive offered you $100 to do a sexual favor would you do it? Depends on how desperate I am (why is 27 first?)

28.Do you talk about your friends behind their backs? Who doesn't? Just admit it.

29.Do you think any of your friends talk about you behind your back? Im' sure they all do.

30.Name a friend that you think will betray you in the next year or so: betray. Big word. I don't know anyone called Judas, my initials aren't J.C.

31.Do you think it would have to do with the opposite sex? N/a

32.How many times have you been dumped? A few times

33.How many times have you broken someone’s heart? That I know of: one

34.Do your friends sometimes accuse you of leading someone on? No

35.Would you refer yourself as being a tease? Can be

36.Would you mess around with someone you just met? Yes

37.If you met the man of your dreams and he offered to take you out on the town with a lil something expected at the end, would you go even if you were married? My dreams usually don't feature men

38.Do you believe in religion? I believe they exist

39.Do you believe in George Dubya Bush? I guess he exists

40.Do you believe in aliens? Not until proven wrong

41.Do you believe that George Dubya Bush is an alien? No

42.Have you ever won something worth winning? At the time it was worth, that's enough for me

43.Do you see yourself being punk, emo, a raver, goth, jock, preppy, original or other? other

44.What type of people do you wish didn’t exist? Anybody with violent tendencies

45.Name your biggest turnoff? stupidity

46.Would you prefer a sensual massage over strawberries with chocolate syrup? Do bears shit in woods

47.Do you think that reefer should be made legal? ??????????

48.Do you think rubbing alcohol is an inhalant? I don't think about it at all

49.Do you like the smell of rubbing alcohol? See 48

50.Do you like the smell of gasoline, you know, for your car? Mwoah

51.What about paint thinner? Never tried

52.Would you rather become a superstar or a pornstar? Aren't pornstars superstars then?

53.Would you marry the richest person in the world even if they were in their eighties, were ugly as hell, and smelled of vomit? No
54.If you were dared to streak at a family reunion for $500 would you do it? Probably not. Wouldn't be worth it.

55.What do you smell like right now? The half full ashtray (and I don't even smoke)

56.What does your hair smell like? Which?

57.Do you wear cologne or perfume? No

58.If the biggest name brand clothing were named Winkieball and all your friends were wearing it would you still wear it? I couldn't care less about brands

59.Would you consider sex one of your biggest weaknesses? No

60.What color is your hair? Dark blond

61.Do you believe in long distance relationships? I've tried. I haven't succeeded yet

62.Would you cheat on your partner if they went out of town for a month? If they went out of town? Are there more than one? Answer is probably not though.

63.How many fingers do you have all together? 10.

64.Are you tired yet? More bored like.
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