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Janet Evanovich – One for the money (06-051)

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The first novel with Stephanie Plum as the main character. Stephanie ends up as a bounty hunter, when she has debts and no job. Not a typical job for a young woman, but definitely one that gets her a lot of meetings with interesting people. Boxer Benito Ramirez is one of them, he starts stalking here and telling her what he would do should he manage to get his hands on her. The only person who seems to be able to help her is Joe Minelli, the former policeman she is supposed to bring on to earn 10.000 dollar.

Janet Evanovich seems to have manage to find a niche for her books, as this series already has developed until a title with eleven in it. So ten more books to go for me, if I want to read them all. The trend is there, I already read Karen Kijewski (Kat Colorado) and Liz Evans (Grace Smith), both female authors who created a female lead in a series of whodunits, Janet Evanovich seems to be the most popular of the three. Bridget Jones meets Steve Carella and a whole new genre has arisen.

Number: 06-051
Title: One for the money
Author: Janet Evanovich
Language: English
Year: 1994
# Pages: 294 (9285)
Category: Whodunit
ISBN: 0-14-025292-4
Tags: bookreviews 2006

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