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Chris Willemsen - Kat in 't bakkie (01-081)

Another one in the category football poetry. There aren't that many real poets who dedicate their poems to football players. Willemsen is one of the few, he even specialises. He only writes about dead players. According to him they are more tragic, therefore more suitable for a poem. He is right, as this book proves. It's his second one, not as good as his first one, but still a really good one, with some fine poems. The disadvantage of the second book is obvious. If the first one was good, which it was, the second one can only disappoint. Apart from that, when limiting yourself to such a small area (dead football players), the number of good subjects gone after the first book has shrunk a lot. Even though I am convinced that he could write quite a few more, a third book wouldn't be recommendable therefore. Even in this one, a few of the poems seem a bit far-fetched. As if he didn't really know the player that well, as if all his background research is based on one newspaper clipping.

I know poetry can't be translated properly, nor am I a translator. I'll still do an effort though.

Justin Fashanu 1961 - 1998


after fifteen european teams
the beautiful centre forward went looking for happiness
in the land where a lady with a torch
suggests freedom without limits

when in maryland he did it
with a seventeen year old boy
the lady suddenly disappeared

hit hurt and desperate
he returned to london
wrote a little note
closed the garage door
tied a rope around his neck
and kicked the stool away

freedom without limits
in america everything is possible
unless you happen to be black
and gay at the same time

And just because as a traditionalist I like old heroes, one more:

Helenio Herrera 1916 - 1997

the interview

the sun is shining in venice
the magician is nearly eighty
the journalist on a house visit
makes television incomparable

he converses history
the slave driver appears very humane
the romantic is enjoying it
he won't miss a single moment

breathless i see it happen
the fulfilment of a life's wish
an argentine as beautiful as maradona
portrait of a happy man
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