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Gerbie on tour 44 (final)

The last newsletter I mailed to all my friends. And as LJ has become a part of my life, my LJ-friends are also friends, so my last letter here as well. Plenty of reading material there for all of you. Fifty something pieces in english, for the Dutch speakers amongst you (only a few I know) a few dozen extra. Have fun!

Gerbie on tour 44 (final)

It's been a while. I had promised to let you know when I had some pictures of my journey on the web. At first I thought it would be easy. Just scan some of the best ones, then put them on the web, voila, a website. Then I considered that a bit of an explanation might be useful as well. Where was that picture taken, why did I take one there etc. I realised I had quite a good record already, so why write a lot of explanations, if 42 previous newsletters can tell the same story. So I decided to put the pictures in the letters. Unfortunately I am not a real wizkid and HTML, the language of websites, is a fairly new one for me. So it took me longer than I thought. But it was fun to do. I got to read my own letters again. It sometimes seemed ages ago, but when looking at the dates it was only a year earlier or so. So now it is presentable. At least in my opinion. The address is:

You will find all newsletters again. To reread or be reminded, or to skip if you want to see only the pictures. To read the letters you have missed, for whatever reason. Nearly all of them have got one or more pictures in them. I have lost a few films unfortunately, bad cameras and two I gave to some Germans who were supposed to send them to the Netherlands. They never have. From Miami until Mexico City, nearly a month worth's has gone. Nothing I can do about it.

Also on the site you will find a few more stories. Some in Dutch, some in English. Some links to my old site or links to sites where my stories can be found. There is a guestbook on my site as well, if you want to leave a message. Do feel free to tell others about the site, do mail me with any questions about the journey, the countries I have visited or anything you'd like to know.

This is the last mail from Gerbie on tour. The tour is over, knowing my urge to discover new places, in the future I will probably travel again, though for how long and where to is still unknown. Stay in touch. I am still awaiting the answers from the questions I asked in got43 from more than 100 people. Thanx for those of you, who did mail them to me already, it's always good to hear from one's friends!

Thanx for your attention,

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