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Paul Theroux – Slow trains to Simla (06-086)

Paul Theroux – Slow trains to Simla (06-086)

Penguin 60’s. Nice little books to celebrate that Penguin has been around for 60 years, selling them for only 60 pence. Easily tempted as I am, obviously I bought a few of the 60 they offered. This was one of them. The main disadvantage of the few books in this series I have read, is the fact that the stories are almost never new. Mostly some old stories have been republished or chapters from books, now given their own ISBN.

Unfortunately this book was also familiar territory for me, if I remember well, straight from the Great Railway Bazaar. Luckily that book is a travel classic and it certainly isn’t a punishment to reread some of these stories. 3 short ones in this tiny book, my favourite the first one where Theroux is trying to find some diversion in Karachi.

Nice to read in the train.

Number: 06-086
Title: Slow trains to Simla
Author: Paul Theroux
Language: English
Year: 1996 (Orig.: 1975)
# Pages: 60 (16424)
Category: Travel
ISBN: 0-146-00123-0
Tags: bookreviews 2006

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