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I read in the paper that Ronaldo is back in the Brazilian squad. How absurd is that? A player who hasn't played for 22 months, plays 27 minutes in a match that has been decided anyway, apart from that has virtually no significance and now he is ready to play again for the country that traditionally is the best in the world.

This is an insult to other stars in Brazil. True, the Brazilian team hasn't been playing up to scratch lately, but how desperate can you get. If you're from Bolivia, Slovenia, Algeria or Scotland you know the situation. The star player is in the squad all the time, even after his left leg was amputated, he still plays, he never used that leg anyway. But Brazil has got plenty of choice, there are about a zillion boys on the beach in Rio who are dying to wear the beautiful yellow shirt just once in their lifetime. There are hundreds of professional players who are still dreaming. And now there is one player, who has played 27 minutes in this millennium and he gets in the squad!

Ronaldo isn't the cure for Brazilian football. He is not at the same level as Rivaldo. He might be as good as Romario was, but he is not the star he was made into by Nike. He will never reach the level of Garrincha, Pele, Socrates, Zico or other great players that have worn the canary shirt. He has pace, knows how to score a goal. That's it. I hope Brazil will make the world cup, I don't doubt they will, but selecting Ronaldo to me is a big sign of panic. Were I to live in Montevideo or Bogota, it would give me confidence. Australia watch out, Brazil might be coming your way to qualify!
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