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Ed McBain – Calypso (06-089)

Ed McBain – Calypso (06-089)

Once in a while I just feel the need for a Whodunnit. One of my favourites in this genre is Ed McBain, with agent Steve Carella from the 87th precinct in New York.

In this story Carella is trying to solve the murder on George Chadderton, a Calypso musician, who considered himself on the verge of a breakthrough, though others saw only a small musician in him. A black hooker, Clara Hawkins, then was killed with the same weapon. Therefore there seems to be some connection between the two. But before Carella finds this connection, a third murder has been committed as well.

As with all Whodunnits, in the end the killer gets caught. Why should it be otherwise?

Number: 06-089
Title: Calypso
Author: Ed McBain
Language: English (US)
Year: 1979
# Pages: 192 (16960)
Category: Whodunnit
ISBN: 0-330-26200-9
Tags: bookreviews 2006

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