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Peter Moore – Vroom with a view (06-090)

Peter Moore – Vroom with a view (06-090)

About 6 years ago, while travelling in Australia, I bumped into a funny travel book: Wrong way home. Author was a local who had travelled home from London, not using an airplane. I thought it was a great idea, just didn’t have the money anymore (after travelling for over a year) to do the same journey the opposite route. I have read most of his book since and I still loved the way he writes. Not like a journalist who tries to find a story everywhere. Not like some neo-hippie trying to find meaning in every occasion. Nor like a tourist who couldn’t care less, as long as the sun shines and the beer is cold.

Moore travels the way I like to travel as well. See a lot. Visit a lot. Do an effort to get to know the country you are visiting. Avoid tourists, but know that locals will see you as one anyway. Read about what you see and do, but don’t overdo it. Enjoy yourself while you’re there, you might never get back.

In this volume Peter finds a great way to get through Italy: On a 1961 Vespa. Obviously he soon wins the hearts of all Italians, who without exception can tell a Vespa story related to their own life. As often in his books, he confirms things I have noticed myself. In this case that Florence isn’t as great as everyone tells it is, though Luca and Siena are. Every single thing worth visiting in Milano can be done in a two hour walk, which even includes a coffee break.

Part of the journey Peter gets company, his new girlfriend Sally. Italy can be a very romantic place, so again he made the right choice. Having read about Livorno elsewhere I thought it funny to see that he finds some great Italian friends exactly there. One place I have to visit someday, I am sure now.

Again this book dragged me into his journey and I went through the book as if I sat on a Vespa myself. And if you haven’t seen the places yourself, you can always go to his website and see the pictures that go with his books.

And by the way: the fact that I read a signed copy doesn’t influence my opinion of the book.

Number: 06-090
Title: Vroom with a view
Author: Peter Moore
Language: English (Oz)
Year: 2004
# Pages: 271 (17231)
Category: Travel
ISBN: 0-593-05278-1
Tags: bookreviews 2006

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