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Charles Bukowski – Postkantoor (06-091)

Charles Bukowski – Postkantoor (06-091)

A lot of authors I have read and enjoyed have mentioned Bukowski as one of their influences or even heroes. I have failed to read something by him up until now. I am ashamed I have to admit. I started with Post Office as my first book.

It immediately reminded me of ‘De man die werk vond’ by Flemish author Herman Brusselmans. Given the order of the books, Brusselmans probably read Bukowski before becoming a writer himself.

Bukowski was amazed himself that he had been translated, according to a note his translator received.

Post Office was the second novel with main character Henry Chinaski. The novel apparently is semi-autobiographical. Bukowski himself worked a few times for the US Postal Service. Based on his work experiences he wrote this novel within a few months.

The book is an entertaining read. Bukowski seems to have been looking around well, questioning everything that others take for granted. This results in many funny stories, great examples of red tape and huge depressions.

I will sure be reading more Bukowski.

Number: 06-091
Title: Postkantoor (Orig.: Post Office)
Author: Charles Bukowski
Language: Dutch (Orig.: English (US))
Year: 1971
# Pages: 190 (17521)
Category: Fiction
ISBN: 90-234-2311-9

Tags: bookreviews 2006

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