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Anthony Burgess - A clockwork orange (01-082)

Anthony Burgess - A clockwork orange (01-082)

Apparently this is a cult classic. The movie was controversial. I have heard this one mentioned as 'the best book of all times' by more than one person. If you read well, my scepticism is visible in those first few sentences. As a book addict it still took me nearly two weeks of train journeys back and forth to work to finish the 149 pages. Pathetically slow. I fell asleep a few times while reading it. I don't see the fuzz at all.

Soon enough the choice of words of Alex, the main character, starts getting very annoying and the story isn't that impressive at that moment either. The first part where he and his mates (droogs) are little criminals and beat up (filly about) innocent people (vecks) nowadays can't bring any shock to anybody anymore.

The second part, with Alex (your humble narrator) in jail is plain boring, it isn't until the third part where things are becoming interesting. The newly introduced Ludovic's technique is tested on him, basically a human variation on Pavlov's dogs. Finally in the last part the book starts making any sense. It becomes a bit critical of the world and its people, it shows how small people really are. If it wasn't for the encore, this book would have been a major disappointment to me.

Perhaps I am wrong, perhaps I should read this as if it still is 1962, the year this book came out. Maybe in 35 years time somebody will review Trainspotting the way I have reviewed 'A clockwork orange'. Maybe not. Perhaps I should see the movie. Maybe I won't bother anymore.

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