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Shit day

I don't know why, but today turned out to be a shit day. Firstly I was ready to cycle to school, but it was raining again. Then the day at school wasn't too good. I had to send several kids out of class, the last two hours (one class) nearly got out of hand. I try to be a bit stricter with them, as they seem to do not nearly enough to what is needed for their exams, but all they seem to do is become more annoying. In the end I end up discussing with several of them, sending some of them away, others getting the benefit of the doubt, only few doing something at all, even fewer getting any help from me, and most of them start getting annoyed with me.

Football training tonight was shit as well, several of my teammates seemed not be interested in training, so why bother coming.

The computer wouldn't let me get on the web. When I did manage on my fourth attempt, it crashed within seconds.

Positive points: I never stamped my train ticket and wasn't checked either, free train journey therefore. The job interview tuesday apparently went well, I'm invited for the second (and last) interview again on monday. I've got to do a presentation though. See what'll happen.
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