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yesterday I had to cancel my lessons, because I had a second interview. Good sign, I had passed the first round, bad sign as they obviously weren't convinced I was the best of the candidates they had. I had to do a presentation, which was weird as it wasn't like a lesson I would give, but still that's what they should be looking at. Without visual aids or props I managed to completely let myself flow away from the points I had put on a note. I don't like speeches from paper, I prefer to go with the flow. It does look a bit more chaotic, but that happens to be my style. Decided not to change it, they should choose me for me, not for what I pretend to be.

A quarter of an hour ago I got a phonecall, they had called twice already during my classes, which hitherto turned out to be a good sign. They want me!

So, in about a month's time I will change schools and become a teacher in Tourism and recreation. For someone who has been working in the tourism industry for years and still is an avid traveler one of the best jobs to do I guess. At least I'm chuffed!

Got to tell everyone soon, including my current boss.
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