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Vincent Bijlo - Achttienhoog (01-084)

Bijlo is a comedian. He is also blind. A lot of his jokes are about the fact that he can't see. Still this isn't annoying, as you know he has made them up, because he knows what he talks about. He writes columns, shows and this is his second novel. The main character Otto Iking featured in his first book as well. Obviously Otto is blind. In this book he is moving to Utrecht to become a student. The story is really funny, it must be an eye-opener for a lot of us (wordpun not intended). The simple things in life can be a huge barrier if you can't see.

Otto is living on the 18th floor of a huge building and has to adapt to life as a student. For most youngsters difficult enough as it is, for someone who is blind and up until then nurtured by a stepmother an almost impossible task. He survives the introduction, makes friends, even has sex for the first time, but still has other major problems. Half of his books have ended up as recycled paper, his lecturers aren't exactly normal, heating an oven is fairly dangerous, he is happy to get away with burning his eyebrows every time. Shopping, going out on the piss, getting the right buses, women, poetry classes, evertthing seems twice as bad if you can't see.

Brilliant book, I wish I had the time to translate it, I'm sure it would work as well in English. Does anybody know a publisher who would pay me to translate? I'd be happy to work less hours in my regular job to become a part time translator.
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