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Nicci French – Verlies / De mensen die weggingen (07-023)

Nicci French – Verlies / De mensen die weggingen (07-023)

Two short stories by the bestselling authors. I’m not sure why these two have been put together, why they became only short stories, but I’m not an addict, as most people who read books by these two seem to have become.

I particularly liked reading the first story. A five year old boy drowns. Every single member of his family has a different way of dealing with that fact. Soon it becomes apparent that the family (mom, dad, 10 year old brother) do not trust each other fully anymore. Good story, interesting thought.

The second story hardly stayed in my memory for longer than a few days, so it is difficult to judge now, a month after I read the story. Though the fact that it hasn’t stuck, does say something. Child abuse seems to be the theme.

I’ve only read one novel by the authors who are married to each other and write books together, I will probably have to read some more before deciding on a detailed opinion. For now, this book can be seen as a nice hour to pass, when you’ve finished today’s paper and tomorrow’s paper hasn’t arrived yet.

Number: 07-023
Title: Grief/The people who went away (Verlies / De mensen die
Author: Nicci French
Language: Dutch (Orig: English)
Year: 2002
# Pages: 182 (4165)
Category: Thriller
ISBN: 978-90-476-0050-3
Tags: bookreviews 2007
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