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Ed McBain – Ik heb iemand doodgeschoten (07-034)

Ed McBain – Ik heb iemand doodgeschoten (07-034)

On the cover I read that this book is about the 87th precinct. I expected Steve Carella and his mates to show up at some point. In the first chapter three men are discussing a robbery. They doubt if they should do it. They do, which was a big mistake. They bump into police and one of them gets shot, as does one of the policemen.

The other two go on the run. Basically that’s where the story starts. Carella never shows up, but as one of their colleagues has been shot, a lot of other policemen do. Result is a never ending chase. The story is being told from the point of view of one of the criminals, which makes it very interesting. Unexpected, but certainly a nice story.

Number: 07-034
Title: Ik heb iemand doodgeschoten (Orig.: Guns)
Author: Ed McBain
Language: Dutch (Orig.: US English)
Year: 1978 (orig.: 1976
# Pages: 191 (5536)
Category: Thriller
ISBN: 90-229-1783-5
Tags: bookreviews 2007
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