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Ben Elton – The first casualty

Ben Elton – The first casualty (07-039)

The quote is famous, not really sure who said so, but it certainly is the truth: “The first casualty of war is truth.” I can’t believe it is coincidence that this book was written by Elton. Even though he seems to have mastered the step from left wing activist to main stream, his ideas will not have changed much. With this book published in 2005, its purpose can only be to make a statement about the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Elton uses the first world war, or the Great War as it was known for a long time, probably because having written the fourth Blackadder series, he has a bit more than average knowledge about that war. Quote: ‘Because you are a British citizen and we are discussing British policy, and it is not for the individual to pick and choose what articles of national policy they care to subscribe to’.

The story is long, but not for a second boring. And the play with truth and lies is great, it makes you realise that nothing is as it seems, especially not in a war.

Elton is a great storyteller; apart from that he puts a message in each and every book he writes has a message. And if you agree with that message, which I do, he certainly is an author to be followed. One of my favourites.

Number: 07-039
Title: The first casualty
Author: Ben Elton
Language: English (UK)
Year: 2005
# Pages: 444 (6060)
Category: Fiction
ISBN: 0-552-77336-0
Tags: bookreviews 2007

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