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Octavio Paz – Arenas movezidas, La hija de Rappaccini

Octavio Paz – Arenas movezidas, La hija de Rappaccini (07-058)

It had been over a year since last reading a book in Spanish (children’s book, comics excluded). I made a safe choice: small book, two stories. Can’t go wrong there. Apart from that, it was time I read something by the best Mexican author ever. His poetry undoubtedly is too complicated for me, hence I stick to fiction.

Now, a couple of months later, I have to admit, that I can’t remember a bit about the first story, Arenas movezidas, which does put me to shame a bit. Not even leaving through the pages does bring back any memories. Not until reading a review elsewhere on the web, I do remember that ‘arenas’ was a collection of stories. Collected, but never belonging together. Weird (can I still your eyes?), but interesting nonetheless. Unfortunately, probably me not being fluent in Spanish, the stories didn’t settle in my brain.

On the other hand, the second story in this book, La hija de Rappaccini, is still clearly there. Not only based in Italy, it seems loosely based on Romeo and Julia as well. It is written as a play, not my favourite genre to read. Plays should be on stage, not on paper, but this story certainly grabbed my attention.

The poor southern boy (Italy has a huge north south divide, those in the UK or US can compare) and the rich northern daughter. The impossible love, the strict father, the flowers in the garden, together they provide an interesting story. Perhaps my next book by Paz should be a translation.

Number: 07-058
Title: Arenas movezidas, La hija de Rappaccini
Author: Octavio Paz
Language: Spanish
Year: 1994
# Pages: 95 (10180)
Category: Fiction/Play
ISBN: 84-206-4630-X
Tags: bookreviews 2007
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