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Bill Bryson – Notes from a big country

Bill Bryson – Notes from a big country (07-069)

Bryson is one of the best travel authors I know. Apart from that he wrote a few books on language and science, worth reading as well. Yet I still prefer him to write about travelling. This book comes very close to that.

Bryson moves from the UK, where he has lived for nearly two decades, back to the USA. An old friend of his asks him to write a column about his new life and he doesn’t take no for an answer. Bryson tries to get out of it, but he doesn’t manage. So he has to write the column, luckily for us readers, as this book is the collection of those columns.

Lots of subjects come by, reintegrating in his own country lies below a lot of the things he describes. Cultural differences between the UK and the US another permanent feature. I can’t even begin to describe all the things he tells. Though whatever subject he takes, he does it in his own typical style. Sometimes cynical, sometimes angry, then again downright surprised, always a great observer and never fails to see the humour in ordinary things. I love his books and hopefully will be buying plenty of his books in the future.

Number: 07-069
Title: Notes from a big country
Author: Bill Bryson
Language: English
Year: 1998
# Pages: 399 (12536)
Category: Travel
ISBN: 0-552-99786-2
Tags: bookreviews 2007

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