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Roddy Doyle – Mad weekend

Roddy Doyle – Mad weekend (07-080)

Doyle writes brilliant novels, but also short stories. This little book was published as part of the ‘Open Doors’ series. The author decides to which charity the proceeds of the book will go to. The story immediately grabs you. The beginning is simple: “This is a true story. It’s about men and football and drink. So it must be true.”

The men we are reading about are Dave, Pat and Ben. Like many Irish football fans they adore Liverpool, so they travel to the UK to see their favorite team. Predictable, they go for a few drinks first. They meet some local girls. But they also manage to lose Ben. So, what to do next?

I’m not getting any deeper into the book; don’t want to give away the plot. But I certainly enjoyed reading it, as with most books by Doyle actually.

Number: 07-080
Title: Mad weekend
Author: Roddy Doyle
Language: English (IRL)
Year: 2006
# Pages: 104 (14079)
Category: Fiction
ISBN: 1-905494-04-1
Tags: bookreviews 2007

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