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Marnix Rueb - Haagse Harry 3, Dachetnie!! (01-086)

I'm afraid it is a nearly impossible task to explain this phenomena to anybody here. Haagse Harry is a cartoon comic, this is the third book about him, in over a decade. His humour is brilliant, the problem is, you have to be from the Hague to really appreciate it. I'm not, therefore I'm in trouble reading this book. It is not written in proper Dutch, but in the dialect from the Hague. For example the title 'Dachetnie' is 'Dacht het niet" in proper Dutch, 'I don't think so', in english. Nowhere in this book it is easily visible what is happening. You have to look well to get an idea. Harry's T-shirt are legendary, not two of them have got the same text, all of the shirts could make a 'famous quotations' book someday. Apart from that you have to read the adverts on the buses and busstops, the names on buildings and books, and all the conversations from all characters, who without any exception (not even Argentine future queen of the Netherlands, Maxima), are in the Hague dialect.

The funny thing about the dialect is, that it is colourful. An outsider might be offended, as every second word is a swearword, but their is no bad intention. So a son of a bitch, could be meant positively. A bit like street slang in other languages, in other parts of the world. Harry, the main character, has an opinion on everything, especially on what should happen in his world, his city. And in between the joints, the arguments and the overdose of beer, he is not afraid to let the world know what he thinks.

Great series, luckily not milked as so many other hits. I can wait another couple of years for part 4. As long as the quality remains the same.
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