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The more traveling I do, the more wise I become

Stephen Fry – Rescuing the spectacled bear

Stephen Fry – Rescuing the spectacled bear (07-082)

Having read every single novel by Fry, I was quite excited when I read about a title I didn’t know yet. Soon I found out though, that this wasn’t his new novel. A bit disappointed I didn’t feel the need to order it immediately, so it took a while before I bumped into the book again. Obviously I did buy it.

It turned out to be a book about a show I hadn’t seen, in which Fry was asked to be the celebrity working on a good cause, rescuing the spectacled bears of Peru, who were rapidly extinguishing.

The book is the diary of the author in Peru, with many, really many, great pictures in between the diary entries.

I certainly enjoyed reading the story, with the pictures sending Peru even higher on my ‘to be travelled’-list. Only negative point: I’m waiting for a new novel by Fry.

Number: 07-082
Title: Rescuing the spectacled bear
Author: Stephen Fry
Language: English
Year: 2002
# Pages: 192 (14404)
Category: Travel
ISBN: 0-09-179523-0
Tags: bookreviews 2007
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