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I don't get it

It's probably me again, call me ignorant, call me stupid, but there are still a few things I don't get. The Americans are bombing for over a week now. They have hit a lot of strategic points of the Taliban. Don't get me wrong, I do not think the Taliban is a great organisation, but they were involved only sideways weren't they? Apart from that the Americans have managed to hit one of the last civilian areas in Kabul, a UN-quarter, a red cross store and a hospital. So are they co-operating in destructing the country? Like a decade and some years ago, when they were training the military leaders of the Taliban?

Another thing is that Bush won't stop until Bin Laden is taken. The other day I read a small article in which I was told that the Taliban, for the second time had offered to extradict Bin Laden, though not to the US. FOR THE SECOND TIME. I have been reading the papers reasonably well, seen the news most days, read LJ every day, but I haven't even heard the first time. So why do these bombings have to continue? Why does the US think they have the sole right to Bin Laden? Wouldn't it be much more appropriate to have him in an independent court, for instance the peace tribunal in The Hague? My personal opinion, which might not matter much, but I'll give it anyway, is that the chance on a fair trial in the US for Bin Laden are slim. Were I the Taliban, I'd say exactly the same. Guarantee a fair trial and we'll get him for you.

Funny detail: The US has never recognized the Taliban as the official government in Afghanistan. So who can they negotiate with, should this be an option?

I've lost it again.
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