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Dan Turell – Mord im Herbst

Dan Turell – Mord im Herbst (08-008)

I really wish I could read Danish. I’m sure, being Dutch, I could pick it up, yet I never actually did. I haven’t even been to Denmark in my life. Okay once, but that was a little town in South Australia. Not in the country, only half a day away from my hometown.

By chance I read some books by Turèll, ages ago; it must have been the eighties still. After the second one I was addicted. After the third one I had to search for the fourth. I found it second hand. Then it stopped. Only four of his books have been translated into Dutch. Apparently the UK has plenty of authors of Whodunits as well, hence even less than those four made it into English.

So ever since I had to resort to German. Luckily many (all?) of his books have been translated by our (author and reader) common neighbors. Since I found out, I try to find a new title every time I visit Germany (twice a year normally). To keep things simple, I read it when I go to Austria (once a year). Having to speak German on a daily basis makes reading in that language easier, the other way round, reading a German book helps my active vocabulary. Looking at it this way, it still seems weird, but it is true. A Danish crime author helps a Dutch teacher speaking German on a school trip to Austria. Welcome globalization.

Mord im Herbst (Murder in the autumn) must be the 3rd book I’ve read in German, 7th overall. All books follow the same pattern, as whodunits tend to do. The nameless journalist is the main character. Police officer Ehlers is his friend and partner in solving some murders, his girlfriend Gitte appears as a one-dimensional sub character and the murders always happen somewhere in or near the pubs where he meets lowlife scum, most of them some sort of friend of the journalist.

Turèll has a great sense of humour, but is also a hopeless romantic in his own way. His cynicism is fun to read, it seems to come from his view of the world today. I’ve never met him, nor have I read anything about him, but my guess is that he is a grownup hippie trying to deal with the ever changing world. These books are his reflections; the story is only a way of disguising his opinion.

I hope to read many more books by Turèll.

Quote: “Doch die stille Stunde war definitive vorbei. Nichts kan einen so in seiner Meditation stören wie ein Mord direkt vor dem Fenster.“ (page 14)

Translation: „But the quiet hour was definitely over. Nothing can disturb one during his meditation as a murder directly through the window in front of one.”

Number: 08-008
Title: Mord im Herbst (Orig.: Mord i September)
Author: Dan Turèll
Language: German (Orig.: Danish)
Year: 2005 (Orig.: 1984)
# Pages: 282 (1743)
Category: Whodunit
ISBN: 3-404-15370-7
Tags: bookreviews 2008
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