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The Idiots

Two nights ago I saw the movie 'The Idiots' on TV, a film by Lars von Trier, who later became famous with 'Dancer in the dark', Bjorks film debut.

'Idiots' is about a group of people who pretend to be idiots in public. It is a sort of play for them, experimenting with reactions and role-play. They live together in a big house, community style and go out in public, with the roles of idiots changing all the time. They enjoy the idea and are quite happy. Obviously things don't stay as easy. If you play idiots, you've got to have something idiot in you anyway. They start testing each other. One takes a few real mentally handicapped people to their home, another is left with a group of huge tattooed bikers, the local council is hoping to move the institution, even though it is not an official one anyway. A lot of things happen, the group is falling apart when some of them get to the edge of their limits. Others want to continue the experiments more extreme. What seems like just a funny idea at first, turns out to be a way of life, a threat to a lot of people. The question who is idiot and who isn't does pop up more and more often while you're watching. What is idiotic behaviour? Some members leave, others get taken away. The sad ending makes it even clearer that the movie was never meant to be funny.

Brilliant movie, I really enjoyed watching it, the style is like a documentary, even including the bad cuts in between scenes and the background interviews on the situation. If you've got the chance to see it somewhere, do not let the opportunity pass.
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