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Ed McBain – Eighty million eyes

Ed McBain – Eighty million eyes (08-024)

Once in a while I want to read McBain. Simple and entertaining. This must be one of the older ones, it was written ages ago. Two stories in one book. The title is referring to the case that Carella is solving. A television host dies in front of an audience, with forty million viewers watching. Can it be anything else than a natural death? Off course they seem to think so.

In the other case Kling is trying to find a man who has beaten up a young lady he considers his girlfriend, whereas she said she never even met the guy. How to find him in a big city like New York?

Just discovered I’ve got the translation on my shelf as well. Don’t need to read that one anymore now. Nice detail: On the back one can find the price of a book back then. 30p in the UK, 90c in New Zealand and 95c in Australia, though the last one is not obligatory but recommended. And why the book isn’t on sale in Canada, guess I’ll never find out.

Quote: “As Kling had anticipated, Cindy Forrest was not overwhelmed by the prospect of having to spend even an infinitesimal amount of time with him. She reluctantly admitted, however, that such a course might be less repulsive than the possibility of spending an equal amount of time in a hospital.” (page 76)

Number: 08-024
Title: Eighty million eyes
Author: Ed McBain
Language: English (US)
Year: 1966
# Pages: 172 (4572)
Category: Whodunnit
ISBN: 0-330-02462-0
Tags: bookreviews 2008

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