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Roald Dahl – Ontzettende verhalen

Roald Dahl – Ontzettende verhalen (08-031)

For years the collected stories by Roald Dahl have been waiting for me on my shelf. Yet, I always manage to squeeze a little book by Dahl in between and then end up postponing the huge one.

This book consists of nine short stories by the master of short stories. Inevitable I had read a couple before, but his writing is so great, it doesn’t matter anyway.

I’m not even going to name a favourite, every single story deserves plenty of praise, this is just another great collection.

Quote: “Er was maar een manier om naar muziek te luisteren, zei hij haar, maar een manier om ervoor te zorgen dat je naar letterlijk iedere noot en akkoord luistert. Je moest twee dingen tegelijk doen. Je moest je verbeelden dat je het gecomponeerd had en tegelijkertijd moest je je voorstellen dat het publiek het voor de eerste keer hoorde.” (blz. 29)

Rough translation (mine, hence not the original text): “There is only one way to listen to music, he told her, only one way to make sure that you heard every single note and chord. You have to do two things at the time. You have to imagine that you composed it yourself and in the same time imagine that the audience hears it for the very first time.”

Number: 08-031
Title: Ontzettende verhalen (Orig.: More tales of the unexpected)
Author: Roald Dahl
Language: Dutch (Orig.: English)
Year: 1980
# Pages: 177 (5556)
Category: Fiction
ISBN: 978-90-4760-052-7
Tags: bookreviews 2008
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